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6 in 1 Derma Roller ICE Kit

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Derma Roller with titanium needles is a skincare tool for home use that helps reduce wrinkles, fine lines, large pores, under-eye puffiness and cellulite. It stimulates natural collagen production, hair regrowth and improves your skin elasticity.


- 1 x Derma roller head with 180 titanium needles, 0.5 mm for eyelids,
- 1 x Derma roller head with 600 titanium needles, 1.0 mm for face,
- 1 x ICE roller head filled with a special cooling gel
- 1 x Derma pen with 10 titanium needles, 2.0 mm for small, hidden spots and corrections
- 1 x Silicone Cleansing Brush for before-treatment skin cleaning
- 1 x Derma roller handle that you can use for any of the heads in the pack
- 1 x Convenient storage/travel case with built-in disinfection tank



1) Pressing the roller into the skin
2) Overusing the roller - typically time between 2 treatments is 2-3 days, but it depends on your skin condition and skin type
3) Not cleaning the skin or roller before use


(1) First, attach the silicone cleaning brush to the handle and clean your skin in combination with your regular skin cleaning product and water.

(2) Select a roller head and attach it to the handle (300 needles roller head for a small area around the eyes, behind ears, scars; 720 needle roller head for the medium area like face, neck; ICE roller head for after treatment cooling or other thermal based treatment); 12 needles derma roller pen is just for small areas of skin and it mostly should be used as a additional tool to derma roller to correct not easily accessible areas of skin.

(3) Put the alcohol in sterilization tank and soak derma roller head there for 5-8 minutes. Be sure to soak all sides of the derma roller head/pen;

(4) Apply suitable nutritional lotion/cream (vitamin c serum or any other skincare product) on areas of skin that the roller is to be used;

(5) Roll backwards and forwards 4-5 times, keeping the speed and pressure uniform thereby creating more microvessels;

(6) Move the roller four times at least in four directions;

(7) Please be extra careful with the derma roller pen and do not press it more than 3-4 times at the same skin spot. Use significantly lighter pressure in compare with a derma roller head.

(8) Do not Apply nutrition or mask products on the skin that requires care in case of skin inflammation.


- Create a sterile environment. Wash hands with soap and warm water. Wash the treatment area thoroughly, and dry with a clean towel. Be sure to clean a designated surface to place the things you'll need during the process.
- Apply a thin layer of topicaine numbing gel to the treatment area. This step is only necessary for a deep, intense treatment; therefore it only needs to be done once a week. Wipe off any excess gel with a paper towel.
- Roll the derma roller in different directions on the skin---four rolls vertically, horizontally and both diagonals should be sufficient enough to ensure desired results and stimulate collagen formation in the skin. Do not press too hard, but apply a significant amount of pressure. If you use your derma roller without the topicaine gel, less pressure should be applied.
- Wash the area with cold water, and dry gently with a clean washcloth. Apply a quality moisturizer or lotion, preferably with vitamins C and E for best results. If you've used the topicaine gel during your treatment, use an antibacterial cream followed by a quality moisturizer.

If you are not sure about the size you require please don't hesitate to contact us. Thank you!

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