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Facial Mister - Nano Mist Active Spray - Humidifier

$17.95 $19.95
  • INSTANT MOISTURIZED SKIN - In a matter of seconds, your skin will become refreshed and moisturized. Use our Skin Active Nano Facial Mister to nourish your face, body, hair, and use as an eyelash extension. You can use it no matter your skin type. Your new best buddy to help you keeping your face hydrated and glowing while you are on the go without ruining your makeup.
  • PERFECTLY MICRO DROPLETS - Our nano ionic skin mist uses nanotechnology making microdroplets in a perfect density, protecting your makeup, and the result is just a freshness on your face - you'll not feel any drop separately on your face - just like you're in a facial sauna.
  • REFRESH IN A HOT WEATHER - Not only a beauty device but also a HUGE and instant help when the temperature is high outside and there's no AC or fan around. Spray your face just for a few second and you'll feel much better immediately. Instantly cools you down.
  • FIRST LINE HELP IN WINTER - We all know how our skin becomes dry and sensitive during long winters when our homes need to be heated. This small device is a great help to keep your skin fresh and moisturized, no matter if your skin is dry on your face, hands or any other part of your body. Try to use mineral water for the best results.
  • PORTABLE AND RECHARGEABLE - Portable device allows you to keep it always in your purse, handbag, school bag or coat pockets. But it has a large, 30 ml tank enough for use for the whole day at least. Very easy to use, to recharge or to refill with water. Comes with a small USB cable that allows you to charge you from any available USB port around.

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