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4 in 1 Derma Roller Kit

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Derma Roller with titanium needles is a skin care tool for home use that helps reducing wrinkles, fine lines, large pores, under-eye puffiness and cellulite. It stimulates natural Collagen production, hair regrowth and improves your skin elasticity.


- 1 x Derma roller head with 180 titanium needles, 0.5 mm for eyelids,
- 1 x Derma roller head with 600 titanium needles, 1.0 mm for face,
- 1 x Derma roller head with 1200 titanium needles, 1.5 mm for body,
- 1 x Derma roller handle
- 1 x Convenient storage/travel case with built-in disinfection tank
- 1 x Printed user manual


1) Pressing the roller into the skin
2) Overusing the roller - typically time between 2 treatments is 2-3 days, but it depends on your skin condition and skin type
3) Not cleaning the skin or roller before use


1) Select a roller head and attach it to the handle (300 needles roller head for a small area around the eyes, behind ears, scars; 720 needle roller head for the medium area like face, neck; 1200 needles for large areas like belly, legs and the rest of your body);
2) Put the alcohol in sterilization tank and soak Derma roller there about 5-8 minutes. Be sure to soak all sides of the derma roller head;
3) Apply suitable nutritional lotion/cream on areas of skin that the roller is to be used;
4) Roll backwards and forwards 4-5 times, keeping the speed and pressure uniform thereby creating more micro vessels;
5) Move the roller four times at least in four directions;
6) Apply nutrition or mask products on the skin that requires care in case of skin inflammation.


- Create a sterile environment. Wash hands with soap and warm water. Wash the treatment area thoroughly, and dry with a clean towel. Be sure to clean a designated surface to place the things you'll need during the process.
- Apply a thin layer of topicaine numbing gel to the treatment area. This step is only necessary for a deep, intense treatment; therefore it only needs to be done once a week. Wipe off any excess gel with a paper towel.
- Roll the derma roller in different directions on the skin---four rolls vertically, horizontally and both diagonals should be sufficient enough to ensure desired results and stimulate collagen formation in the skin. Do not press too hard, but apply a significant amount of pressure. If you use your derma roller without the topicaine gel, less pressure should be applied.
- Wash the area with cold water, and dry gently with a clean washcloth. Apply a quality moisturizer or lotion, preferably with vitamins C and E for best results. If you've used the topicaine gel during your treatment, use an antibacterial cream followed by a quality moisturizer.

If you are not sure about the size you require please don't hesitate to contact us. Thank you!

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