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Top 7 Anti-Aging Tips for Men (and all who feel like them)

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Most of these you already know, but rules seem very strict most of the time. Read these 7 tips and try to do your best. It's not the end of world if you skip some of them sometimes. Just keep on when you wake up next day

VoccaCare Top 7 Anti-Aging Tips for Men

  1. Moisturize Twice Daily
    And I know, it may look too often, sometimes impossible, but let's try to do twice a day twice a week for the start, but be consistent. And once a day is an absolute must.

  2. Activate that Moisturizer
    This is something that you can practice at least once a week. Beside a Derma Roller will activate collagen and makes your skin awaken, it will help your moisturizer goes fast and easy deeper into your skin. You can see the difference after a single treatment. It's just 5-10 minutes a week, but with visible results.

  3. Avoid too much Sun and Wear Sunscreen
    Sun damage is one of the primary causes of aging skin, so it's simple - try to reduce the time your skin is under the direct sun light, especially between 10 am and 6 pm. No mater the time of the day, try to wear a sunscreen anytime is possible.

  4. Use Eye Cream
    The skin around your eyes is thinner and more delicate than the rest of your face and it is usually the first place on the face that we notice signs of aging. Try to have a dedicated eye cream for this area.

  5. Wash Face Before Bed
    Well, this is the same case as with #1. Do it once a day with no excusions, and try to do it twice if possible. And washing your face means using water and face washing product, not only water.

  6. Use Aftershave Balm
    Shaving is a stress for our skin and some of us have to do it daily. The skin needs help to recover from that stress. A good aftershave will not only with reducing redness, bumps, and ingrown hairs, but also with moisturizing your skin. Try one with has aloe vera. Try the one with vitamin E if your over 40.

  7. Avoid Alcohol and Caffeine
    This doesn't mean you should stop having your social life, at least try to reduce it to 2 glasses of wine or 2 beers a week. There are some really good decaf organic coffees I bet you can't taste the difference if you don't know you have a decaf. I've been tested lol.